a wellness & personal training company that focuses on holistic solutions to bring every person closer to towards the best version of themselves. We work with you, to empower you to be challenged, day by day, milestone by milestone. Our philosophy blends thoughtful programming, realistic goal setting, and good old fashion tough love.  We cater to busy schedules, physical injury, and life! 

The solution is always the same, though the journey is different for everyone!.

The solution is this ...

Believe in yourself, knowing that there is nothing that you can’t do!  

Through diet, exercise, and life coaching, SIP is a health and fitness company that puts you first. 

We live in a world where old values have been forgotten, where we live to work and are busy with things that are not always as important as we think.Isn’t it time to make You a priority?You are given only one body, taking care of it should NOT be an option.You are  being called for your mind, body and spirit to be balanced and aligned so that you may be full of energy andvitality to enjoy the gifts of daily life! 

Your body is your temple. 

Don’t you think it’s time?
SIP defined: It’s the feeling of accomplishment, of hard work; of loving your body enough to push it to boundaries you did not know existed; it’s the feeling of sweat pouring down your brow; it’s not just a feeling but is a progression of accomplished goals. Every had a runners high? TRY A S.I.P. HIGH! Your sweat will inspire your continued performance: After you take a SIP you will be left thirsty for more!

SIP is a small grassroots movement. \

Our philosophy is individualized love and attention to all

clients and business partners.Our philosophy is simple. SIP is built deeply on the concept that we are all here to improve one another’s lives in some way. God gave you talents and knowledge for a reason. We expect all clients and business partners to share their light and motivate those around them to want what they have.  After all, at S.I.P.  you are family. Stay thirsty!

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